Refund Policy


This policy is primarily designed to give the customer peace of mind and their money back if they are unable to deliver the product for any reason outside their control.

Visit the home page before you request a refund for assistance with common questions or issues.

If, after working with you, the product is found to be at fault or it cannot be use for reasons beyond the customer’s control then a full refund will be provided, as
long your initial contact is within spankwire brazzers 7 working days of purchase.

Refunds are processed Monday through Friday. Any refund requested on a Friday or during holiday periods will be processed the following working day.

Fasion Vista LLC products may be refunded within 15 days of the purchase date. Shipping, handling, and any applicable tax are not refundable except in certain states
and countries where these items are refundable. For exceptions, read the full Return Policy.

PLEASE NOTE: Any purchases not made directly through the website are not eligible for refund. Refunds for these purchases will be in accordance to
the individual sellers’ refund policy, and we advise you to contact the reseller directly to begin the refund process.

If a customer has used and washed products, then we ask them to be reasonable in demonstrating that the service did not meet their expectations as presented in the
product description at time of purchase.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you have 15 days from the date of purchase to request a refund by using Contact Us information. If more than
15 days from the date of purchase have passed, we encourage you to contact the Fashion Vista Team to resolve any issues you may be encountering. We are available 24/7
to give you assistance. However, even in such cases, we are able to discuss pro rata refunds to ensure that our customers remain happy. Simply contact to discuss your

Refund will be processed on the original mode of payment if approved. Thus, refund amount will be credited back to same account of user through which payment was made
through opted payment Gateway.

Fasion Vista LLC Security for Consumers Cancellation Policy

Please note that if you are an individual user and you acquired products and/or services for your personal use (i.e. not for business purposes), you may cancel your
purchase from us and obtain a refund provided that you do so within 15 days of the original purchase.

IF YOU CANCEL YOUR PURCHASE YOU MUST EITHER RETURN THE GOODS. You may exercise this right of cancellation by contacting Customer service. For a complete list of
options, visit


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